Welcome to our programming demonstration site. Here you will find working examples of live sites that you can interact with. These samples provide examples of our capabilities and the different types of functionality that are available to be included on your web site.

Auction Site

This site allows you to host a simple online auction. Bidders can register and bid on available items. All information is stored in a database for easy maintenance. A sample account is set up for you to try it. Username: Demo, Password: Demo. Or you can set up your own account and try to be the high bidder.

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User Maintained Site

This site is made up of registered users that maintain their own information on the site. You can view everyone's information, but you can only edit your information. Try it out as Claire Manufacturing (username: Claire, password: DEMO). This site also contains a group email function and a bulletin board system.

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Shopping Cart with Admin Control Panel

This site gives you an example of one of our custom-designed shopping carts. You can see how the shopping cart functions along with being able to update the information via the control panel. The control panel also gives you the ability to upload new product images via the browser. The password for the control panel is: DEMO

Enter Shopping Cart

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Online Calendar

This site allows you to easily maintain an online calendar. Users can easily check the months and view event details. The admin function makes it simple to add new events. To access the admin function, use username: Demo and password: Demo

Enter Online Calendar

Digital Image Library

The code we use for our digital image libraries allows us to customize the look and functions to your exact needs. Keep track of any digital file with this system: images, videos, presentations, etc. To access the library, use username: Demo and password: Demo. To access the admin section, use password: Demo

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Online Training System

The code we have developed for online training systems has been used in a wide variety of settings - from hazardous communication training to the training of loan officers for a nationwide lending institution. Keep track of users' progress with the admin section. To access the training system, use User ID: Demo and PIN #: Demo. To access the admin section, use password: Demo

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