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John has been involved with computer design, development and programming since its infancy in 1983. In 1994, he founded Northwest Ohio’s only independent multimedia programming and web site development company TyJill Enterprises. In May 2000 TyJill Enterprises was acquired by a local communications firm to expand its entry into web development and interactive media arenas. Through John’s expertise and background in the computer area, he has been able to stay on the leading edge of the computer field including such things as having software programs nationally distributed, several major catalogs created electronically and distributed nationally and corporate presentations that have included computer animation and multimedia.


He recently completed a migration program for a Fortune 500 company that entails migrating all marketing data from a mainframe to a PC based network and developing all necessary software for the display and utilization of that data. He has also been involved in multimedia presentations for a local art museum and a local ad club. He is fully versed in all computer hardware and has an extensive knowledge of software. His programming experience includes .Net, ASP (Active Server Pages), PHP, BASIC, C/C++, dBASE/FoxBase, FoxPro, HTML, Javascript, LINGO, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, MySQL and SQL.


John was also contracted to be the main programmer for a nationally distributed children's CD which was the official winner of the National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval. CJ's Closet™ is an interactive CD that uses state of the art graphics, and original music to teach biblical lessons for life. Children can interact and choose from a variety of story elements and characters that relay different moral conclusions at the end of the story. The CD includes age appropriate games, puzzles and original music developed for CJ's Closet™.


Counterman program for national truck clutch manufacturer - This program is currently distributed nationally to truck dealers for use by their counterman. When a customer needs a clutch, the counterman can use this program to obtain the necessary information for spec'ing the clutch and arrive at the stock number for the clutch. This program also lists all pertinent information about the clutch and provides information regarding add-on products that the counterman can try to sell to the customer.


Prize selection program for national popcorn manufacturer for use by the Boy Scouts of America Councils. The Boy Scouts have an ongoing bi-annual popcorn sale that is run by this popcorn manufacturer. This program is sent to the Boy Scout Councils. It lists all the prizes that are available for the sale, the item number and the cost. The councils input the quantity needed of each and send the diskette back to the popcorn manufacturer. The file is then automatically loaded onto their computer for processing of the order.


45 minute computerized multimedia presentation - This presentation was given by a division of Dana Corporation (a Fortune 500 company) during their annual meeting with corporate executives that included the CEO and Board of Directors.


DXF library program - This program is distributed nationally to architects and design firms that utilize this manufacturers products. The manufacturer had created AutoCad files of their products and wanted them to be available to architects and design firms. The files are stored on diskette and this program acts as a librarian where the architect can select certain files from a scrollable list and these files are then copied to his hard drive. This program is written in C++ and runs on DOS and Macintosh platforms.


In the past years, John has applied his extensive programming and database background to the development of many dynamic web sites that utilize database integration. These sites include electronic catalogs, shopping carts, on-line training systems, B2B and B2E portals, and on-line digital libraries to name a few.


A short list of programs that John is proficient in includes: Adobe Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Director, Flash, Freehand, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Microsoft Office, FrontPage, Expression, Visual Studio and Visual Basic, Visio, Windows Media Player and Encoder, Sonic Foundry, AVID, QuickTime Pro, Quark, Corel, 3D Studio and 3D Studio Max. John is also knowledgeable in Microsoft Server and Platform Technologies with backgrounds in several Windows platforms and SQL.



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